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International Conference on Transformational Tourism

The concept of transformational tourism is not new. In the 1960 and 1970’s many people travelled to remote destinations, such as Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Peru including India in search of spiritual enlightenment and growth, broadening horizons, escaping the world and obtaining insight into one’s self. Today, despite some progress being made the concept is still in its early stages of development. Research in the area and the application of the transformational theory in the context of tourism are also relatively new developments.

The agenda for the proposed conference is to arrive at a better understanding from the supply and demand side, the requirements of the travellers, the challenges in product offerings to the travellers for the best possible experience and to make India a leading destination of choice for holidaymakers and travellers with a specific interest in the stated domain. It also aims to build upon the participants’ knowledge sharing on the potential model that India presents and help formulate understanding the effective ways to promote India as a complete and comprehensive religious, spiritual & wellness destination. The proposed conference seeks discussion on both inbound tourism from these markets to India and outbound tourism to these markets.

The following are sub-themes of the conference-

  1. The attractiveness of India as a tourist destination for wellness and health tourism.
  2. Halal tourism in India- Halal hospitality; Halal culinary tourism.
  3. Scope for Satvik, Kaussar tourism, etc.
  4. Perception of India as a Transformational tourism destination among the tourism markets.
  5. Transformational tourism in India.
  6. The readiness of India as a Transformational tourism destination.
  7. Transformational tour packages and operations.
  8. Challenges for visitors from these markets to travel to India.
  9. Wellness, spiritual, retreat and religious tourism in India.
  10. Wellness, spiritual, retreat and religious tourism from India.
  11. Backpacking Tourism and Volunteer tourism.
  12. Eco-tourism/nature-based tourism and adventure tourism in India.
  13. Yoga, cultural and creative tourism.